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Holiday Motel

Clean Cozy Budget Accommodations at Yellowstone's West Gate

24 Hayden Street, West Yellowstone, Montana 59758 • 406-640-0137

What's in our neighborhood?

There is a favorite local restaurant across the street from us, The Running Bear Pancake House is a very popular breakfast nook, and we are just 5 blocks from shopping and more restaurants. Rocky’s Nut House tavern is around the corner and Swan's Cleaners, a coin-op laundry with laundry service is also on Madison around the also corner! The Rendezvous Ski & Biathalon trails are about a block away as the raven flies and of course, We are just 6 blocks from the Park entrance. Just West of us is a wide-open space known locally as "the Old Airport" where a gorgeous view of the Continental Divide can be had for sunrise and sunset. The panorama featured behind our logo was taken just a block away there.

We keep a few rooms open for the Winter Season

Of Course we LOVE Yellowstone Park! Jeff actually grew up here, and we have a deep local knowledge of what the area offers and Jeff is also a Certified Intrepertative Guide driving a giant baloon-tire snowcoach in the winter and some Step-On guiding as well. We can help you plan your day. 

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10 Seasons of winter guiding

Jeff is a popular Winter Tour Guide in Yellowstone driving for Buffalo Bus Lines (mostly on weekends). Come in January! Seriously! Winter really is the most beautiful time of year. Talk to Jeff for details.

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Steam boat Geyser!

Finally!  I grew up here and only last October did I get to see the worlds tallest geyser! While guiding last winter a reporter talked to me about how excited I was to finally see this beast erupt! (Link Below) 

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WInters are so beautiful

We love the summer season, but when winter comes, we feel like we have our home back. We mostly just do long term rentals in the winter, but we keep a few rooms open for friends and family. 

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